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Xiamen thaw King is a well-known financial services company providing micro-finance and wealth management advisory services for large enterprises. Thaw-view financial now more than more than more than 150 branches were established throughout the country, professional team with more than 6000 people, service network in major cities all over the country. Xiamen medium-and long-term loan, and Xiamen low rate loan, and Xiamen venture loan, and Xiamen mortgage consumption loan, and Xiamen short-term borrowing, and Xiamen short-term loan company, and Xiamen needed small loan, and Xiamen needed money small loan, and Xiamen consumption loan, and Xiamen personal consumption loan thaw King financial always insisted "funds security is greater than all" of principles, with with height of responsible, and high quality professional of team and science of management system, established has set rigorous complete of risk control system, and through thaw King financial HMT service platform, For both ends of the platform provide customers with credit counseling, assessment, borrowing programme, agreement management, cash management and other specialized with a full range of financial advisory and wealth management services. Thawing view financial always adhere to the "focus, focus, professional" service commitment, customer service, and received unanimous praise from the industry and the public. Company adhering to with helping people, and helped micro-help small of business concept, for large needed development of personal and the small micro-enterprise provides has powerful of borrowing advisory service, while, help investors better to should current world financial crisis brings of effect, against has inflation brings of funds devaluation risk, achieved has assets of hedge, and value-added, maintenance has China of financial order, full achieved has mutual and win-win, promote has China economic social of benign development, full upgrade people of life quality, achieved has "credit created quality life "Good vision! Thaw-view financial to a new business model based on set scientific management philosophy and the pursuit of excellence in corporate culture all in one, to create and establish a passionate, energetic, full of integrity, combative, thaw King team into view financial is willing to work with you hand in hand to achieve your dream of wealth and poured over!

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