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Success stories

cargo charge loan case

glass trading company, needed funds by the end of the purchase, could have to raise bank loan, Bank effects due to processing time, unable to solve the company's funding needs in the short term. The company into King City, applied for goods worth 8 million mortgages, by thawing view financial and regulatory companies signed an agreement for valuing the goods and regulation, within 2 business days of the company carry out pre-loan investigation and warehouse storage of goods, and finally to the company a loan of 4 million Yuan to solve their immediate difficulties.


entrepreneurship loan case

graduates Xiao Li, plans to venture in Xiamen, shop Green agricultural products wholesale, shortage of starting capital of RMB 80,000 ; His parents were working in Xiamen, relatively stable income, have a certain debt-servicing ability and willing to provide guarantees for loans, into view after investigation, the financial, intends to agree to provide 80,000 yuan and loans.

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