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Central restrictions affect second homes?

Central restrictions affect second homes? central banks, Ministry of housing, China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a mortgage deal, Provident Fund loans and business loans in terms of policy, to relax its residents to buy second homes.

influence mainly in the following 6

1,   policies are expected to have any impact on the market?

in first-tier cities: greatly increases a purchase capacity crowd; is expected to stimulate the watching crowd into the market in the short term. Long term, the restriction policies don't let go, have limited impact.

two or three cities: 930 has implemented "and admitted credit denied", 11 cities have relaxing second home purchases and loan interest rate of 1.1 times times the limit, this again let second-home loans, have limited impact.

2, why at this point in time has this policy?

Central statement made clear the two sessions, and higher economic growth this year, pressure to achieve 7% goals, real estate to go wrong. Policy's tone has been much before, implement today can be said to meet expectations.

3, have any real impact on buyers?

case: 1 million properties, the original needs 700,000 now just 400,000. And now the low mortgage interest rates, cost reduction. New deal stimulus ahead of potential buyers into the market.

4, for real people affected

buying population increases in the short term, many owners might be reluctant, shill for sale.

5 influence, Beijing real estate

: the bailout policies, give a strong signal to the market that "central to keep the real estate market", not excluding the North Canton deep follow-up will also introduce measures to rescue and first-tier cities demand, housing prices will be bidding against, dream situations.

two or three lines: use this wave of rescues, speeding up inventory, and even launch promotions.

6, expects the Bank's reaction will happen?

has little effect on first home mortgage market, banks implement policies under the influence of housing policies on the one hand, the most important is the market, which effects bank lines of credit. In the context of current bailout, Central Bank is expected to continue to pump funds into the market. Households buying first home, can still get more favorable loan interest rates.



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