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Free trade area in Fujian province at 10 o'clock today officially inaugurated! What do you mean free trade area?

Fujian free trade zone will be held on 21st, at 10 o'clock in the morning in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Pingtan unveiling ceremony held in three districts at the same time. That afternoon, Fujian, Fujian province, relevant departments will also hold free trade zone policy and the like.

it is understood that on April 10, the State Council issued the China (Fujian) after free trade zone scheme in Fujian province, resize determines the control item 186, system and mechanism innovation of which 88 (including innovative 20), opening 98 (for Taiwan only 62). Under this 186 key pilot project in Fujian province, combs already pointed out the need to develop rules and procedures 92. As of April 15, has introduced 45, can be issued before end of April 28, the remaining 19 recognized national ministries or the introduction of specific support measures. General scheme of control issued by the State Council, Fujian province was further modified in three area programmes. According to press reports, 3 areas launched in 2015 control item 91, relating to investment management, trade regulation, financial openness, rule of law, market regulation, and so on.

now zone 3 has started implementation of the 65 major reform project, to be in the tone of the day made public implemented on 30. Of which: 3 area implemented jointly 9, two areas jointly implemented 4, a single-chip implementation of 17 from regional, 15, Xiamen 18, Pingtan in Fuzhou 19.

programme, first strategic orientation, free trade zone, Fujian should give full play to superiority, first to advance and Taiwan region investment and trade liberalization process, deepening cross-straits economic cooperation free trade zone to become demonstration areas; opening to the forefront advantages into full play, building a 21st century Maritime Silk Road core area. Secondly, Fuzhou area is divided into key construction of advanced manufacturing base, the 21st century along the Silk Road on the Sea State and regional exchanges and cooperation as an important platform, cross-strait cooperation on trade in services and financial innovation demonstration zone. Pingtan area focuses on building a cross-strait common home and international tourism Island, and personnel flows of funds to implement a more liberal investment and trade facilitation measures to Xiamen area focused on building model of new industry and modern service industry cooperation between the two sides, Southeast on both sides of international shipping center, a regional financial service center and Trade Center.

FTA mean?

FTA (Free Trade Zone) FGDG refers to the transaction specified by the State trading area, than the relevant WTO provisions more favourable trade arrangements of sovereignty in closed both inside and outside of the country or region, draw up specific areas to allow foreign goods exempted from tariff-free access to. Is essentially a free port policy tariff of separation. In the narrow sense refers only to provide area export processing of the raw materials required for imports of the goods exempted from tariffs, similar to the export processing zone. Generalized include Freeport and entrepot trade.



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