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Fujian Provident Fund loans down payment down to 20%

Fujian Provident Fund loans down payment to 20%. Recently, the provincial Housing Department, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance Office of the three doors, enacted the housing consumption opinions supported the rigid housing needs (hereinafter referred to as the number of observations).

the several views combined I province real estate market actual, based Yu support residents since live and improved sex housing needs, promote I province real estate market long-term smooth health development and I province across development strategy target achieved, proposed has seven article views, including:

a, and is relaxed first suite first modified room finds standard

except for purchase outside the Villa, personal buying first home, first to change rooms (including new homes and housing), regardless of their size, can enjoy preferential policies first. Individual purchases after the first, purchase houses, in addition to increasing housing area, increase the level of elevator function, improved lots, buy "school district" case found that led outside the changing room, houses belonging to the old-for-new home, purchased by family members working distance and their children from the past and the living environment has improved, were identified led to change rooms. Removal of individuals (including Hong Kong and Macao residents and overseas Chinese), foreign institutional buying restrictions.

II, is to increase the use of housing provident fund housing support

housing Provident Fund deposit workers ' loan applications are no longer rounds. Around the housing accumulation Fund loan rate can reach 95%, local financial support; credit usage is below 85% of districts and cities, to raise the loan limits. On the apply for housing accumulation Fund loan workers, down payment reduced to 20%; has paid off the housing accumulation Fund loan paid workers can apply for a housing loan for the second time; both first and second housing fund loans implementation of the benchmark rate. The Housing Fund trustee banks should ensure that the combined loans commercial loans in part, the corresponding policies and implementation of housing accumulation Fund loan. Conditions of urban housing provident fund housing loans to individuals to actively explore development of asset securitization business, inventory of stock loan assets, increase the size of funds.

three, and is strengthening housing financial service

Societe Generale Bank, and Xiamen International Bank, and Fujian Strait Bank, and agricultural letter social (agricultural firm), this province place corporate financial institutions on purchase first suite, and first modified room application loan, should implementation loan interest rate not above benchmark interest rate, and should according to actual appropriate floating loan interest rate. Encourage other commercial financial institutions in the province. Commercial banks should give priority to meet the purchase first home loan demand, first-change room, and shorten the period of loan approval, individual housing loans of the loan agreement was signed, in principle, within 45 days from the date the loan agreement was signed to lenders. All commercial banks should adapt to the development of urbanization in the province need to support non-local residents of remote buyers, for non-residents in the purchase location for individual housing loans of commercial banks, should be dismissed, and housing loans. Conditional counties and cities can be combined with local conditions, giving individuals buying first home, first-change room modest subsidies.

four impose monetary compensation, is to promote housing purchase of existing real estate

implement the housing levy money placement. Each city, County (district) people's Governments shall establish monetized resettlement to be expropriated to buy commercial housing stock service platform, to be imposed on people buying convenience. After the placement of monetization of expropriated persons, are levied by city and County Government organized people purchase commercial housing for resettled and given by a real estate development and construction unit to be expropriated "buy" discount. Each city, County (district) people's Government can use shanty project policy loans from China Development Bank, government procurement and storage of commercial housing, shanty project for implementing currency placed homes were expropriated to buy. Was levy people to currency of placed compensation paragraph purchase housing Hou, by purchase contract and housing levy sector issued of currency of placed proved handle account moved procedures, and can by local education administrative competent sector related provides handle children entrance and transfer, procedures; since currency of placed agreement signed of day up 2 years within, was levy people children still can in original was levy residential designated tablets district within public compulsory education stage school entrance, school should depending on with tablets within students handle.

five, is to get through the housing and affordable housing transform channel

by city and County (district) people's Government according to the local real estate market conditions, financial status and other factors, purchase apartment suitable stock of housing affordable housing homes, long term rental apartment stock of suitable housing as public rental housing, In principle no longer to start the construction of public rental housing. Municipalities and counties according to the needs, meet the policies, technical regulations for the premise, leading real estate companies to set or modify the original type in order to meet the needs of housing and affordable housing conversion. Conditional areas, housing for eligible families to purchase or lease real estate, to be guaranteed monetary subsidies to take. Financial and manpower to construct affordable housing funds at all levels, grading policies such as subsidies and market rents by PPP, induct capital purchase of existing real estate for public rental housing.

six, is the pilot introduction of co-ownership housing

levels can arrange special funds through State-owned investment company shares real estate project or acquisition of stock room as co-ownership housing for the FTA, all kinds of scientific and technological park of industry sales. Property right according to a certain proportion of property rights by individuals and housing management units total, property rights held by the individual to pay a mortgage, have 100% right. Industry professionals working in the area for 10 years, housing management units will hold a total of part of property rights transfer to industry professionals, property rights of individuals to access 100%, and can be traded. 5 years and 10 years of age, purchase of housing market transactions, distribution according to the proportionate share of property rights trading price. Terminated in the district in less than 5 years, co-ownership housing purchased by implementing targeted repurchase, managed by housing units according to the original purchase price and industry professionals have been paying interest on mortgage buybacks.

seven, is to raise the level of basic public services in residential

in new construction and renovation of the old city must be sufficient education, in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens into the overall planning, simultaneous construction, simultaneous use. To ensure quality education in the local resource sharing, through relocation, founding schools, collective school forms, famous teachers and quality education resources, high school. Reasonable planning and construction of bus lanes and public station hub, optimize routes, improve coverage, increase the rate of sharing public transit. To set the business services science and rational allocation of facility layout and format. To promote equal access to public services as the Government's primary responsibility, with emphasis on issues of education, medical care, health, entertainment, travel, retirement, security and other issues of concern to residents, improve residential areas supporting conditions, create a pleasant living environment.

while, several views requirements: the city, and County (district) Government should according to this several views and I province on promote real estate market smooth health development of several views ("min eight article") requirements, combined local actual together implementation, and developed more has targeted of implementation views, implemented a city a policy, a County (district) a policy, effective support masses first suite, and first modified room, just needed housing needs.


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