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Li Fujian FTA FTA brings us what benefits?

on April 21, the Guangdong's free trade zone, Tianjin free trade zone and free trade zone in Fujian province officially. On April 22, Li came to tone just one day of free trade zone, Fujian Xiamen area, comprehensive service Hall in xiangyu visit FTA reform experiences to promote French, decentralization, and so on. Good said the FTA, FTA brings us what benefits? where?

we look, what do you mean free trade area?

FTA (Free Trade Zone) FGDG refers to the transaction specified by the State trading area, than the relevant WTO provisions more favourable trade arrangements of sovereignty in closed both inside and outside of the country or region, draw up specific areas to allow foreign goods exempted from tariff-free access to.

can't read? that we point for substantive, FTA brings us what benefits? what?

1, "Hai Tao" cheaper, more convenient

trying to find someone to buy them?? Arrival of the free trade area, means that domestic e-commerce Web site can "Hai Tao" products all over the world. More importantly, prices of these products is expected to speed domestic logistics, door-to-door, Paris fashion, Australian milk powder, cosmetic as long as Japan and South Korea bagged tap clicks. Prices for imported goods, are not only more realistic, and a lot more. Oh Oh ~ sister paper are blessed!

in Shanghai free trade area, for example, because prices of imported goods are cheaper than market 10% to 30%, regular customer "overwhelmed". Import commodities direct sales center in Shanghai Waigaoqiao (d IG) open until 10 o'clock in the morning every day, but 8 o'clock people began to line up. D IG's "killer apps" are imported fresh food such as seafood, fruits, such as Mozambique, lobster, 8 11 pounds only 687 Yuan, while in Shanghai aquatic product market price is 1000 Yuan.

2, FTA real estate market

If you want to invest in the property market, real estate market may not miss the FTA. Shanghai September 2013 FTA approved the news got out, around three or four months the price grows geometrically, rose 20%-30%, individual projects an increase of 52%.

FTA news release identified Guangdong, Nansha, the former Marine, hengqin, three free trade zone building was quickly surrounded by investors, prices back up. The middle of 2013, hengqin first huarong Jean Waterside real estate residential projects launched, sells for about 25,000 yuan/square meter. In hengqin port 24-hour customs clearance and FTA policies in anticipation of a price rise to 42,000 yuan/square meters by the end of last year.

However, data shows that fellow FTA before the sea level prices have forty thousand or fifty thousand, hengqin is the 40,000 level Nansha district just million level. First quarter of the year, turnover rose Nansha into Guangzhou 11 maximum in the region, rose 114% to 2544 per cent, prices declines for most, fell 12% to 10123 Yuan/sq m. Industry estimates, price is in a price depression of Nansha, with FTA-related taxes, infrastructure, enterprise development, such as follow-up policy within six months of the Nansha 15% rise in prices or 10%-.

3, free trade area to buy imported cars are cheaper than traditional 4S shop 15%-30%

had seen the fast and the furious 7, all kinds of luxury cars, sports cars are a Visual Feast, called fun! all along, due to imported cars to pay the customs duty, excise tax, value added tax, plus 4S shop profits CIF imports of 300,000 yuan in the Mainland are often sold to millions.

in February this year, FTA pilot opening of parallel import cars in Shanghai. What is parallel importation of cars? is the FTA allows the importer imports directly from the car origin. Parallel import cars bypass the Distributor, dealer sales, 4S shop, links, purchased from a free trade area with the imported cars are cheaper than traditional 4S shops ranging from 15% to 30%, up to 4S store of 70 percent!

parallel importation of the sea before the Commerce Department had approved Shenzhen auto pilot, go directly to the purchase abroad of blessed and local tyrants, of course can also be purchased through such a yacht, a plane or something like that. At present, the Municipal Government of Guangzhou is also in the development of parallel imports of auto-safety regulations to make parallel imports of Nansha became the third auto pilot. Once implemented, means that ordinary members of the public purchase can be imported directly, without going through the reseller channel.

4, overseas travel more convenient, better

foreign-funded travel agencies assigned to FTA free trade zone tax benefits, coupled with foreign travel more convenient access to outbound qualification, and has the advantage of brands, money, product price more attractive, more people may choose line.

If you are a gamer, through formal channels with "licensed version" Sony PS4 game console is more convenient. As a rule, game entertainment equipment trade zone allowing foreign-funded enterprises engaged in the production and sales. More overseas Games products entering the Mainland through formal channels of households.

FTA will find inside what fun entertainment please?! can not only find, you also have the opportunity to experience a lot of original foreign entertainment. As a rule, the FTA allowed the establishment of foreign-owned entertainment, allowed the establishment of foreign-owned performing brokers! FTA in Shanghai, for example, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued last March 31 in China (Shanghai) implementing rules of free trade zone development project of the cultural market, allowed the establishment of foreign-owned part of the entertainment. November of the same year, Shanghai acrobatic operation platform time travel company Russia State circus company signed a strategic partnership agreement, FTA joint venture performing arts company in Shanghai. United States Nederlander worldwide entertainment, Korea renowned performance company will follow.

5, the public will have more opportunities for international investment

November 17, 2014 in Shanghai and Hong Kong through "open", realize the dream of foreign assets of the residents within the configuration. However, residents through the "Shanghai-Hong Kong Tong" can only invest in Hong Kong stocks, and 500,000 yuan of capital threshold. Don't worry, the FTA provides another possibility for you: as a rule, opening free trade accounts to individuals within the free trade area, foreign individuals in the region also opened free trade account. As long as the supporting conditions introduced, individuals can pass free trade account to invest in Hong Kong stocks, Wall Street.

ordinary members of the public will have more international investment opportunities. Not only that, but free trade area to explore the individual cross-border investment business also has two features: one is a two-way street, that investors may cast out, foreign investors can also vote came in; the second is plural, including industrial, securities, futures and other types of investments. With the FTA policy is becoming clear, ordinary people will have access to more financing products in line with international standards, more overseas investment opportunities and investment banking services. Meanwhile, as more foreign banks to enter the free trade zone to compete with local banks, people also have more financing options.

6, and spent same of money, can get better of medical service

also in complained doctor difficult, doctor your? since trade district within allows established foreign owned medical institutions, this means with people future not out abroad, in since trade district within on can enjoy foreign hospital of high-end international medical service, including integrated hospital, and specialist hospital and outpatient service. Due to the free trade area of tax concessions, will significantly reduce the cost of imported equipment in hospitals. Furthermore, foreign capital introduction to basic trade area is the world's leading medical device, so people in China spend the same money, you can get better service.

FTA up for nearly a year in Shanghai, Germany o private medical institutions of Mond hospital finally landed, becoming first foreign medical institutions of Shanghai free trade area.

7, since trade and entrepreneurship in the region can enjoy the preferential policy

in accordance with Shanghai's free trade zone experience, undertaking three main can enjoy preferential policies in the region: one is the process simplified; second, the import and export preferential tax policies; third, a number of monetary policy in the future innovation.

, both reducing the threshold for registration and subsequent preferential policy support. There will definitely be a lot of new domestic and foreign enterprises to settle down in the future free trade area. The free trade zone "set up Sino-foreign joint venture talents intermediary agency allowed", "allow Macao service providers to set up wholly-owned talent agency", the talent agency has a large number of outside resources, which settled in the free trade area, means that both businesses to overseas recruitment, is also recruiting foreign-funded enterprises in the Mainland, have facilitated a lot.

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