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Second home purchases fell to 40% limited

property new regulations significantly reduced threshold for second-home buyers, owning a home and the corresponding loans outstanding of families to buy second homes, the minimum down-payment ratio is not less than 40%. However, the three ministries jointly issued by the property market really will have a decisive impact on the property market to pick up the new deal?

while the new deal policy limits on commercial loans and fund loans policy, but limited effect or, for two reasons:

1. new deal lowers the threshold for second-home buyers, but increased the pressure on repayment of second-home buyers.

banking provisions, the borrower's monthly income at least twice times the monthly payment. Suppose someone has been a loan to buy a home, the loan has not been repaid, for 6000 Yuan per month. In situations like this, buy second homes, assuming a price of 3 million, down by 40%, needed a loan of 1.8 million. If the base rate, 30-year calculation, for about 10000 Yuan per month. This requires that buyers monthly family income is more than 32000. Even in first-tier cities to achieve income family is one of the few, not to mention the two or three lines of the city.

2. Provident Fund deposit down, but the maximum amount of the loan to maintain the status quo, meaningless to buyers.

to applicants of Provident Fund loans, for example, Beijing's first maximum loan of 120wanlai calculation, if the Provident Fund loans, it covers an area of no more than 90 square meters of real estate price needs not more than 1.5 million Yuan, with an average price at about 16,000. But now in Beijing, unit price 16,000 houses have been rare, so the vast majority of buyers, Provident Fund loans down payment 20% is impossible to enjoy.

If a second application for Provident Fund loans, the maximum loan of just 800,000, if only 30% down payment, then the total price must not exceed 1.14 million, have such a House is in Beijing with lanterns are hard to find. Which limited credit, home buyers had to apply for a combination loan, which means that its commercial loans down payment on a first home 30%, II, Suite 40% down to go, don't actually enjoy Provident Fund loans down payment rate cuts brings good.

so, if only to reduce first fucheng without raising the Provident Fund loans, the buyers, is not particularly meaningful.

: on March 30, the Central Bank, the Housing Ministry and the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice, owning a home and the corresponding loans outstanding of families to buy second homes, the minimum down-payment ratio is not less than 40%. Use of housing accumulation Fund loan to buy the first sets of ordinary housing, minimum down payment 20%, owning a home and family of closed loans apply again for housing purchase, minimum down payment 30%.



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