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Product classification

Fusaetsu loan

Fusaetsu loan

amount: 500,000 lines of
range: 1.00~50.00 million
deadline: December
the term scope: 12-36 months
monthly: 53917
repayment: installment
total cost: 147,000 yuan loan
time: 3 working days (approval for 3 business days) costs
Description: 2.45%  month management fee;

application conditions
1, and age requirements: 22 age-60 age
2, and property requirements: I name of housing
3, and business years: registered business 6 months above
4, and work years: in this units work full 6 months above
5, and water requirements: near six months Bank water
6, and limit industry: not accept high-risk, and steel trade, and entertainment industry application
7, and credit requirements: credit records good, and Temporarily does not accept blank applications for
8, credit history debt requirements: less than 150%


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