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Product classification

Guaranteed loan

Guaranteed loan

amount: 100,000 limit range: 1.00~50.00 million
deadline: December term scope: 12-48 months
monthly: 10433 repayment: installment
total cost: 25,200 loan time: 2 business days (approval for 1 working days) costs
Description: 2.10%  month management fee;

application conditions
1, and has life, and peace, and Xinhua, and Pacific, and protection, and Taikang, and China Taiping, and life life, and Sun, and livelihood, and collection all, and zhonghong, and AIA, 13 home insurance company of insurance
2, and in Xiamen work full half
3, and years paid premium 1500 above
4, and payment years at least 10 years and payment full three years
5, and age must reached 23-55 age


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