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Product classification

Yingjie credits

Yingjie credits

amount: 100,000 lines of
range: 3.00~20.00 million
deadline: December
the term scope: 6-24 months
monthly: 9933
repayment: installment
total cost: 19,200 Yuan loan
time: 3 working days (approval for 1 working days) costs
Description: 1.60%  month management fee;

application conditions
1, and 22 age (containing)-60 age (containing)
2, and only accept civil servants, and administrative career prepared personnel, and large State-owned enterprises official preparation personnel, and world 500 strong Enterprise official personnel application
3, and after-tax months income 3000 above and needed provides 6 months punch wage water
4, and now units work full 6 months
5, and provides local property, and car, financial proved can increased batch paragraph lines
6, and Overdue credit over the past six months not 3 times in a row (the credit gap)


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